Lawn & Garden Time

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Improve your home and diet with a vegetable garden

Planting a garden can add aesthetic appeal and functionality to a property. Vegetable gardens can transform landscapes while putting...

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Get kids excited about gardening

Many adults understand the joy of gardening, but gardening can be equally fun for children as well. While some adults may feel that certain...

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Low-water garden plants an option in drought-heavy areas

Coping with drought is a way of life for many people across North America. The National Climatic Data Center, a part of the National...

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How to guarantee your garden starts off on the right foot

As winter slowly winds down, many gardeners cannot wait to soak up the springtime sun and get their hands dirty in the garden. Such...

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Identifying your garden preferences

Apersonal garden is only limited by the constraints of a person's imagination. The vast array of plants and flowers available from all over...

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Cultivate an herb garden

Many people cultivate gardens both inside and outside of their homes with a focus on adding aesthetic appeal to their property. But a...

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Weed out gardening myths from facts

Gardening is an age-old activity that was once a necessity but has transformed into a hobby for thousands of people.  While gardening...

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